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  • Tabea Scharrer

Fellows' Lecture "Class in relation" at the Africa Multiple Cluster (21.01.2021)

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Fellows' Lecture "Class in relation: Modalities of socio-economic relating in the context of transnational (forced) migration" at the Africa Multiple Cluster of the University of Bayreuth (21. 01. 2021, online)

In my presentation, I argue that transnational forced migrants from Somalia position themselves socio-economically in relation to multiple places – the setting they lived in before they had to leave, the proximate or distant places of refuge and in relation to other possible destinations. This also means that this relationality refers to space as well as to time. Starting from there, I want to explore further modalities of relating socio-economically in the context of (forced) migration – concerning exchange and cooperation within social networks, boundary making along class-lines, but also the various notions of socio-economic status migrants encounter in the multiple spaces. The presentation builds on anthropological research with Somali migrants in Kenya, Germany and Austria.

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